Annual Report 2015/16 Annual Report 2015/16

Helping children and teenagers is a central pillar of our commitment. Through the TUI Care Foundation, we can create new opportunities for young people by tailoring education and training programmes to their needs. That way we sustainably improve their lives and those of future generations.

Dominican Republic

At the Smile Academy, young Dominicans take
their first steps towards an independent career.


Mama Bojang holds one of the
grants and is being trained as a chef.


»I was one of the first female
tour guides in Zanzibar!«

Rahma Abdulla Ali
33, completed the first training course
supported by the TUI Care
Foundation when she passed her exam.

Training with the
TUI care foundation

Hotel training in Gambia

The hotels and restaurants in this small West African country have an urgent demand for skilled workers. The TUI Care Foundation works with the Oreo Foun­dation to help talented young women in Gambia train in the tourism sector.

Tour guides on zanzibar

30 students have so far qualified as tour guides after we funded their training. That way we can improve their chances of a skilled job and help the country to develop a competitive tourism sector. 80 per cent of the young guides have since found employment – 100 per cent in the case of the women.

smile academy in the Dominican republic

150 young Dominicans are training at the Academy in occupations for the tourism sector. That enables hotels, resorts and other companies to recruit urgently needed skilled labour in the local market. And the participants learn how to pursue a career of their own.

What the TUI Care Foundation can achieve and why it is now a Group operation.
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“Our strategy is proving to be robust and future-proof” – Fritz Joussen, CEO of TUI Group, answers questions.
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